Saturday, November 15, 2008


By Ebbtide Cheque

Fingers ran down the smooth skin of her neck. Sam Winchester let a half-smile drape lazily across his face. He stared down into the woman’s stormy gray eyes and noticed for the first time flecks of dark blue in their depths. She grinned hesitantly up at him.

“What are you thinking?” She asked curiously.

“Leslie, I think we should go out tonight.” Sam suggested, running his fingers up her neck.

Leslie let her head fall forward, letting it rest against the strong, broad shoulders of the Hunter. She relaxed against the strength that he both embodied and projected. She had wanted this kind of contact, theses feelings, for so long now it was almost impossible to believe that it was really happening. Her grin widened.

“Sounds good.”

Sam stroked the dark, wavy hair that spilled over Leslie Kane’s shoulders. He felt like a missing piece of his heart had been found and put back. He had never known it was missing, not since Jessica. Years of being alone had left the man jaded and convinced there would never be anyone for him. No one who could possibly understand his life would want to stick around. At least, that had been his thoughts before Leslie. He felt her warm breath against his shoulder, he felt butterflies stir inside his stomach.

“Or we could stay in.” He muttered, voice husky.

She giggled and kissed the blue, plaid shirt covering his rock hard biceps. She could feel his heartbeat through her skin, it made her own skip a beat. She closed her eyes to the low light of the hotel room.

“Dean will be back soon.” She said softly, circling one of his shirt buttons with her fingertip. “If we’re going to…do something, we should hurry.”

Sam wrapped his arms around her body, gently drawing her close. He breathed in deep and relaxed at the smell of apricots. He remembered their hot shower that morning, his hazel eyes twinkled at how little metaphorical meaning had went into that thought. He placed a kiss on top of her head, squeezing her a little tighter. How had he ever survived without this woman? She completed him in a way he would have never imagined possible.

Leslie Kane felt tears spill over her eyelashes and she hiccoughed. In all her life, she had never once thought true love could find her, not a love this perfect anyway. Sam Winchester was everything she had ever wanted and all she would ever need. He understood what it was like to be a normal person stuck inside the body of a monster. To be different and yet feel like everyone else on the inside. Sam Winchester knew what it was like to be Leslie Kane.

She let her hands snake across his skin and behind his back, she hugged him, their bodies meshing perfectly. Puzzle pieces of fate finding each other in a corner section of love.

They sighed simultaneously.


Sam felt her body shake in his arms.

Leslie pulled away from the hug, turning away with her face hidden from view by a veil of dark wavy hair. She had a hand over her eyes shielding her further. Sam felt uncertainty bleed into his calm. What had he done? The woman’s shoulders were shaking and it was obvious something had upset her greatly. Sam put a hand on her shoulder.

“What is it?”

Leslie felt a hot blush turn her ear tips red. This was not how she imagined the day going. The last thing she wanted was for Sam to think she was some kind of emotional - She broke off the thought and whirled to face Sam. She kissed him passionately on the lips. Sam leaned down towards her with a squeak of muffled surprise. His worries and doubts fell away as he reacted to her insistent touches. He could feel her hunger as if it was his own.

A love they craved, a love they had found within each other. Soul mates by any other name…Sam pulled back from the kiss to breath, he let the fractured Shakespeare marinate his thoughts. A soul mate by any other name would not be as sweet. He snickered and leaned down, planting a feather light kiss on her nose.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

Leslie’s tears had dried in the face of their shared love. Her blue-gray eyes were sparkling. She stroked his sideburn with one hand and lay the other over his heart.

“I just find it hard to believe that any of this is real.” She confessed in a low whisper.

“You mean us?”

“Yes. I mean us - what we’ve found together.”

She kissed his chin and then moved to kiss a trail down his neck. He closed his eyes at the feel of her soft lips against his skin, a moan broke through the sexually charged silence. With a grunt Sam abruptly lifted her into his arms and walked towards the bed. He stood over the bed, the woman he had come to love more than life in his arms. She was smiling confidently up at him.

“The thought of living my life without you - of having never found…us. I can’t imagine the universe where we don’t - where this never.” Sam kissed her deeply and sat down on the edge of the bed. “We were meant to be together. Everything in our lives was leading us…to this.”



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I keep finding myself back here, thinking, "My god, I have a one-woman cult!" LOL

You realize you can't post the shippy fic until I get a substantial amount of mine posted, right?

Ebbtide said...

NOOOOO! I have to post it...erm, post-haste! To get others seeing my POV and converting them before any Leslie/Dean can erupt in the, erm, "cannon" AU-verse. :P. ;).

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