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Secret Lies The Way Of Difference

Secret Lies The Way of Difference
By Tina c.

Trevor smiled at Jade over his breakfast tray. He could still feel the glow from their previous day. She nodded to him, but did not return the smile. She had been distant all morning and Trevor needed to know why. His eyes skimmed the surface of the paper as he tried to focus on what could have turned his fellow vampire off. It could not have been the blood or the love-making, she had made that crystal clear the night before as he was leaving to go to his quarters.

The feeling of being full and happy was such a welcomed one. Trevor did not want the source of that to fade. He looked over at Jade again. Her expression was one of downcast resolve. To the young man it looked like rejection and he swallowed bitterly. To finally find happiness and then lose it was the worst and he did not want to experience that again.

Tamlina Gray had gone, he was glad to note. Although she had never been one to join in on the communal breakfast Seth had informed him that morning she had taken her leave. At least now he knew it was safe inside the sanctuary, although he still held doubts for the endless faith he had felt in Seth. Perhaps it was misplaced, perhaps not, but Trevor felt his most pressing concern was finding out what was wrong with Jade.

“You haven’t said anything yet this morning.” Trevor spoke up first. He gave her a challenging stare tempered with fondness. “Is it something I did?”

She shook head. “No.”

“Well, that’s good.” He let out a low, awkward chuckle.

“I don’t normally….do that.” The tone said what ‘that’ was, the day before.

Trevor ducked his head to hide the disappointment. “That’s alright, I understand.” He managed to choke out.

Jade sent him a sympathetic look. “I’m really sorry, Trevor. It’s not you, it’s me.”

“I cannot believe I’m having the ‘I’m dumping you for your own good’ speech being handed to me less than twenty four hours after we started.” Trevor announced with hurt. He ran a hand over his face. “This is just great.”

“I’m sorry, Trevor.” Jade said softly, honestly, her eyes finding his across the table. “I never wanted this.”

“Then why?” Trevor’s voice broke at the same moment a piece of his heart imploded. “Why would you do that with me if you…if it didn’t mean anything to you?”

“To be honest. I don’t know.” She blinked. “I was very conflicted - am still conflicted.”

“I’m willing to work through that. I don’t want to let this go…what we had yesterday.”

“It was a one time thing. We both need to accept that. What we had…past tense. It’s going to stay that way, Trevor. I’m sorry.” She whispered softly.

Trevor pushed his tray of food away and fell back to collapse against the back of his chair. He thought a moment, avoided her gaze and then stood abruptly to his feet.

“I’ll see you later.” He said without looking at Jade.

Trevor ran across the warehouse rooftop. He reached the edge and without hesitating flung his body out into the air, arms spread out beside him. The roof of a neighboring building rushed up to meet his speeding body and he tucked into a perfectly executed roll to soften the blow of the landing. Without pause he came to his feet and went on with his run.

He felt winded, but there was no way he would stop now. There were too many emotions to work through for him to stop now. He needed to figure out what was wrong with him and Jade. Why did she seem so convinced that they could not work out. In Trevor’s eyes, the day before had been the most beautiful, natural experience ever.

He licked his lips, tasting the blood running over her lips. Brows coming together, he pushed his body to run harder across the tin tiles, the sound reverberating through the empty docks. He reached the end of another roof and flew for a second through space, leaving his worries rooted to the tin. He wanted to escape the loneliness and the need for survival. He felt so different now though he was still the same Trevor Snow.

As a young adult, Trevor had seen many things that had both startled and surprised him, but what he and Jade had done the day before trumped it all. They had made love in a pool of hot, living blood. He felt his stomach rumble as his mind told it to eat. He had been running for hours - ever since that meeting at breakfast. He could still not understand why Jade had felt they should not remain together.

A cold calculation had filled his thought as they locked down under the weight of uncertainty. It was not a human reaction and he knew that. There was still so much to learn about his new body and what blessings and curses it would bring to him in the future.

He leapt from roof-top to roof-top without tiring. Hunger grew inside of him, but his muscles seemed unable to feel the stress that they were being put under. He wondered how far out into the bay he would be able to swim before needing to rest. He momentarily thought about leaping out past the docks to see, but he quickly dismissed this thought. He did not have time to waste.

He had to figure out how to fix this thing between himself and Jade. He loved her and he did not want to lose what they had found. Somehow he just had to convince her that she needed the love that they had found together. He could still feel her hurt gaze locked on his own. He squeezed his eyes shut and listened to the air whistle past him as he ran full-tilt.

It felt good to have so much control. He relished the thought of sharing this lifestyle with someone as strong and independent as Jade Suon. He needed her to need him. It would make everything better. If he could not change what he had become, he needed to find a way to come to terms with it. Jade had done that for him yesterday, pushing him past his boundaries and opening up a whole new world to him. A world he did not know could be explored so fully.

He flew through the air and landed with cat-like reflexes. A burning started behind his eyes and he rubbed them a few seconds later the pain disappeared and he shoved the experience to the back of his mind so that he could focus on fixing his relationship.


Jade Suon looked down at her hands clasped between her knees. She felt horrible for what must have seemed a very cool rejection. That morning when she had told Trevor what the day before had truly meant to her it had seemed to crush his spirit and that was the last thing that she wanted for him. A small part of her begged to just give in to the primal, vampire feelings and go with him. They could live together and happy in each other, but she knew better. A soft sigh blew between her cracking, pink lips. She could feel a weight settle on her heart and she knew that it was because of her earlier actions.

Trevor was young and impressionable and she had take advantage of him during a time when neither of them were thinking clearly or even acting on pure intentions. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had made love to the young man out of pure, unbridled lust. At the time it had felt natural and right, but now in the light of day she felt ashamed of herself.

Her thoughts went to Seth and she found herself blushing and blinking away tears in a strange, uncomfortable mixture of embarrassment at her own actions and regret at what she had lost. An opportunity to express to the werewolf just how good she felt about the situation.

She sat in one of the many, small studies hidden in corners throughout the building. She wondered what it would be like to life in that place for hundreds of years. She knew that Seth had done this. He knew the property better than the fur on his paw, she had seen the way he could navigate easily without sight. It left her in awe. Her only home had been an apartment after moving out of her parents house thirteen years before. She wondered what her parents were doing.

So many thoughts and fillings filled her up, but she did not have time for that. After eating and taking care of other needs the day before the woman felt that she was long overdue for a chat with Seth’s children. She needed to contribute something to this sanctuary that had harbored her safely these past months. When eating had been abhorrent she had been too weak to help them much other than the occasional meal she would cook.

Jade stood to her feet and ran a hand over her shirt to straighten out the wrinkles caused by sitting for a long period. She was ready to do her part - to really start living again.

The smell of chicken blood still lingered in her nostrils, reminding her of Trevor and what they could have shared. As much as she wanted to understand the thing she had become, Jade wanted to do it on her own terms and not out of necessity.


Seth looked down at the picture of his dead wife, the black and white photo faded to a dull yellow, with the edges worn completely away from many years of being folded and unfolded. A creases went through his wife’s clasped hands. She stood in front of the monastery a calm, motherly smile gracing her features. She held two children in her arms while the others sat around her feet. Seth smiled softly.

It had been a good day and it was still a fond memory for him to look back on and remember what life had been like before. He remembered and he mourned. Julietta had been so important to him, a part of his soul that kept him alive and happy. Now he was alone with the children, trying to give them the love of two, but sometimes he felt that he fell short. As a man it was easy to overlook the need that they had for encouragement and love. He loved them, but expressing that emotion to his children was never easy.


Trevor came to a stop on the ground. He had given up running across the buildings, exchanging that for the exploration of the warehouses themselves. He still remembered finding this place all those weeks ago. Scared, hungry and alone. He had been terrified of himself and the acts that he had committed against the innocent people on the streets. He had been half-naked and soaked through the skin with the blood of his human victims.

His hands formed clenched fists, the knuckles going white with the intensity of the grip. He hated that about himself. No wonder Jade did not want him. He was a killer - a murderer. He was a bad vampire.

Jade was pure, she had yet to take a life, which completely explained her hesitancy to attach herself to anything or anyone as monstrous as Trevor Snow. He bowed his head in shame. A small part of him felt numb and dead when he made the decision that she must have been right. He could not force himself on her no matter how much he wanted to do just that. She deserved better and he would show her that he could be a better man.


A cell phone rang. It buzzed and then rang again. Then again.

The shower in the other room turned off and splashy footsteps could be heard padding down the hallway to the living room. The phone buzzed.

A wet hand reached down and picked it up, flipping it open. A deep voice answered in annoyance.

“Yeah, what do you want?”

There was a slight pause, almost shorter than a breath.

“Really. Well, that’s unfortunate, my heart goes out to you.” There was sarcasm coating every word. “I don’t care, idiot. Fix the problem and don’t call me back until it’s done or else it will be your head on a platter. You got it?”

Another pause, a longer one. The legs shifted weight, towel slipping a little on the bony hips.

“Right and I’m really going to trust you with it again. Hurry up and -.” Another pause, hands flicked impatiently sending droplets of water onto the wood floor. “If you need help call Daniel Harris. Yeah ask his handler where to find him. How the hell should I know? Okay. Soon, fix it soon. Okay. Bye.”

A thumb pushed the red ‘end’ button on the phone to sever the connection. Wet hair was plastered to a prominent forehead, sending rivulets of warm water down the chiseled face until they dropped off the defined chin. A man’s cough rumbled through the muscled chest. He was getting a cold.



Seth sat and watched his children interact with the other creatures of his sanctuary. It always brought joy to his heart and his favorite time of the day was after evening meals when all of the creatures came together. Those that chose to be together. The rest were hidden away in their rooms or other secluded parts of the large, mansion like building.

Seth sighed heavily, his good mood dampened only by the absance of Jade Suon. She had not come down to dinner though he had been sure to send up more chickens blood. He had not heard any more noises coming from her room, but then he had been studiously avoiding any sections that might lend him access to such knowledge. He regretted intruding on their personal activities the night before, but the past could not be changed.

He thought Jade must be up in her room with Trevor. Schooling him and supporting him through the transition period. It frayed on Seth’s nerves and he forced himself not to think of it

Jade was a grown woman and she had the right to do whatever she felt necessary. She was even too young if for him if he gave it any real thought he would feel that. A soft sigh broke through his defenses. His shoulders drooped, his eyelids falling half-way as he drifted into a meditative state.


Jade Suon looked over at the overflowing pitchers of chickens blood. It was hot and she would give it a few more minutes before braving the liquid. She did not want to burn her delicate throat. It seemed that vampires had ultra sensitive mouths and throats. It made sense that it would be one of their weakest points. She figured that was why vampires could only be stopped by garlic in the mouth only that way could it’s inherent magical properties soak through the vampire defenses and hinder the souls escape.

Silver. Jade’s brow furrowed. She still did not understand the significance of silver neither could she truly explain how it worked. She would have to ask Seth. At the thought she frowned. Or read some books in the library she added to herself.

She felt a brush of cold air on the back of her neck. She smiled. It had been a very long day and thankfully her Grandmother had not shown up at any time the night before - or the day before for that matter - she turned to face the apparition.

Her Grandmother smiled cheekily. “I see you’ve … come to terms?” she asked with an insinuating giggle.


“I see.” Her smile widened, eyes twinkling behind the transparent glasses.

Jade did not appreciate the humor, but at the same time she knew that it was Violets way. The woman smiled. Then frowned. Then smiled again.

Her Grandmother took a step forward, her levity forgotten in the face of her Grandaughter’s confused, guilt-ridden expression. A feather soft hand brushed a strand of hair from Jade’s face or at least tried to. The bang did not move very far before flopping back into place. Ghosts only had a very limited affect on the corporeal world.

“Do you want to tell me about it, dear?” Violet Suon asked quietly. “Did he do something to you? I can talk with Seth if he -.”

Jade shook her head. “No!” She explained in horror. “You’ve got it all wrong, I didn’t do anything with Seth. It was Trevor - Trevor Snow.”

“Oh. Goodness.” Grandmother Suon sat down heavily on a chair, her body floating casual an inch into the wood. “Well, that is a problem.”

Jade felt tears prick at her eyes, she brushed a hand over her face to stall their progress. She did not want anyone to see her in this state and it would not be long before someone came to check on her - they liked to know if she had eaten or not. Her eyes drifted back over to the cooling blood. She licked her lips then glanced back at her Grandmother.

“Do you mind?” She asked, nodding towards the pitchers. “I can explain, but I haven’t eaten yet.”

Her Grandmother’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “Well, well, a lot has changed in a short amount of time. Go right ahead, dear. I’ll have to get used to it sometime.” She added honestly. “Not that I don’t find it utterly repulsive, mind you, but I accept that it is now a part of how you are. I love you so I will be fine with you eating chickens blood.”

Jade stood. She felt reassured by that little speech. She gripped the pitchers, one in each hand, and returned sit at the table.

“Well, that’s good, because I have every intention of embracing what I have become. Seth convinced me, he said…” She trailed off into silence for a long moment, starring at the table unseeing. “I think he knows about me and Trevor.”

“With that incredible hearing of his, I have no doubt.” Her Grandmother spoke up.

“Well, that certainly doesn’t make me feel any better about what I’ve done.” Jade sighed, swirling a finger in the closest pitcher. She watched the darker color of the surface blend into the lighter shade as she stirred, transfixed by the smell.

“Are you going to eat it or just sit there and look at it.” Violet asked after a very long silence. She looked uncomfortable, studiously ignoring the large containers dripping blood on the table.

“I thought you were going to be more accepting.’

“Give me time, dear. I’m not the one who thinks blood is palatable, much less appetizing.” She kept her gaze averted.

Jade laughed. “At least it’s only chickens blood.”

“It is good to see that your mood has gotten better and to see you accepting this new side of yourself. I’m proud of you.” Violet said with pride. “You are my Granddaughter. I always knew you would inherit my thirst for life - never in a million years thought it would be literal.”

“Very funny, Grandmother.” Jade laughed around the blood covered finger she had just popped into her mouth. She closed her eyes and savored the feeling of it sliding down her throat. She moaned without realizing it.

“Goodness, dear!” Violet exclaimed in embarrassed surprise. “I can come back if you and the blood need to be alone.”

Jade shook her head and then gripped the edge of the pitcher, tipping it up so that she could drink out of it. The blood spilled down her throat in a red cataract of pure emotion and feeling. She moaned louder and longer. The first pitcher was empty in seconds, the leftover liquid sloshing at the very bottom. Jade sucked in a lungful of air and put a hand over her heart, feeling it beat beneath the paling skin.

“That was delicious.”

“That was horrible, but strangely hypnotizing.” Her Grandmother corrected with a finger in the air.

They sat in companionable silence for a while longer until, sated, Jade went to retire on her bed. Her Grandmother stayed in the room long after the younger woman had fallen asleep. The ghost watched over the only kin she had ever felt a connection with. It wasn’t just the fact that she could be seen by her gifted Granddaughter, but also the fact that she was always accepted by her Jade. Questioned at times, argued with certainly, but ultimately accepted for just what she was and if it was the last thing that she did, Violet would see Jade through the terrors of species transformation. It was the least that she could do.

The night fell slowly and painfully. A full moon lending light to the graveyards and the shadows.

Spears of light escaped through slits in the clouds and illuminated a threat to the paranormal community. If only someone had been around to see it and report.

The future would soon be changed drastically. None would see it coming.



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