Sunday, November 2, 2008


Trevor shadowed the woman, his thirst and hunger growing by the second. He wanted to taste her blood. It felt so strange and yet so right. He shook his head, ran a hand through his brown hair and at last gave into the compulsion.

He was surprised at how good it felt, how easy it had been to kill. The initial spring that had felled her left him wondering at his own super-human abilities, but Trevor gave it little thought after his first bite had allowed him access to the crimson life that flowed inside her veins. The woman had tasted so beautiful and kind. He could sense her character through her lifeblood. It gave him goose bumps.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he questioned his actions. A law of human nature still ingrained in his conscious. It would fade with time, as it always did in the minds of vampires.

They slowly but steadily grew out of their old natures. Trevor had no idea what had happened to him or what would happen later all he had a clear grasp on was the present and the insatiable hunger for more. More blood and more life.

A tongue snaked out between blood covered lips to gratefully lap up what was left of the meal he had enjoyed thoroughly. The last few spilled drops coming off the dead woman’s warm neck easily. He stood to his feet.

The sounds of the city played around him in a tune of oblivious self-absorption. The teenage body was clothed by the same suit he had been buried in so long before, but the clothing had grown old and tattered by the ravages of time. He looked down at his bloody shirt front and unceremoniously ripped it off with the same impossible strength he had used to murder.


Seth looked over his shoulder, wary of the shadows moving just outside the scope of his vision. He sniffed the air with his long, dark snout at the suspicious behavior. He hated going outside the monastery. Holy ground kept his family and he safe, but on the rare occasion he had no choice in the matter.

There had been talk of a new vampire, a young one, in the neighborhood and he wished to offer an alternative to the fledgling. Seth was the overseer for an underground safe house for those of supernatural tendencies that wished to change their lives. He was more than that, Seth was a werewolf. He understood the pressures and the fears.

The early evening’s soft drizzle had finally abated, but his breath still came out in sharp clouds of condensation. The creature looked through glowing red eyes at the silent world. It was well past midnight and he had the next three blocks to himself.


TLC's said...

sorry, I guess I'm really not into killing. How about a nice happy fic. Interesting though.

Ebbtide said...

It's NOT killing. It's...well, okay it IS. lol. But it's a vampire. I needed it to be as gross and gory and full of feeling as possible. I don't think that I succeeded, but I WILL. :D. Thanks, for the comment. ;). :). This was not a "fic".