Thursday, November 13, 2008


The teddy bear groaned and turned on it’s side. The TV had been smashed to pieces, the news to awful to contemplate any further. He had his dark paws laid out over his twinkling, crimson eyes.

He wanted to express his grief in some substantial way, but there was nothing. No tears for the teddy bear. Even his girl had left him. Audrey had been shuffled down the stairs and out the front door by a couple of doctors who hadn’t helped at all. Teddy sniffled a little, trying to imagine what it must be like to have a runny nose. Tears were easy to imagine. He had already dabbed water under both of his eyes, the dampness making him smell vaguely of wet dog.

“Nothing makes sense.” He moaned aloud though no one could hear his tragic cry. “Nothing at all. It’s meaningless.”

He had heard the doctors talking earlier. They had told his girl that he had contracted a disease, a very common and contagious disease. He knew that this was why he was alone now. The last thing the teddy bear wanted was to add to the world’s chaos. Little did he know that he had been borne of it.

Lollipop disease. Teddy thought long and hard about everything he had learned since he had woken up. He knew what a lollipop was - Audrey had tried to feed him one during their first fiasco of a tea party, the sticky candy had taken ages to get out of his fur. Disease killed, he had heard that on the news that morning. Thousands dying each and every year from different diseases. Now, there was a disease of sticky candy that killed large bears. Teddy sniffled again.
His time as a living bear kept getting worse and worse. The alcohol soaking through his stuffing couldn’t burn away the pain of it. He just wanted it all to end.

He spied a bit of chalk on the floor of his girl’s playroom. He reached down and carefully grasped it in large, soft paws. He looked around for something to write on. A chalk board, perfect. His maroon jeweled eyes lit up with hope. Maybe there was a way to end his disease before he could harm anyone else. The last thing he wanted was to cause even more distress in an obviously precarious world.


He cocked his head to one side. It looked right. Now the girl would understand why he would do such an awful thing. Picking up the hunting rifle he had stolen for protection against the scary world, Teddy put the muzzle to his chin and pulled the trigger.

There was a rush of air through him and a loud bang that made him flinch. He wanted to cry more than ever. Shaking his fists at the sky, Teddy cried out.


There would be no answer for the teddy bear. No miraculous escape from reality. He turned his gaze to the floor and rocked back and forth.

Lollipop disease would end him eventually, at least he had that tiny consolation.