Saturday, November 8, 2008

Knocking On Death's Door by Ebbtide


Summary: Dean lost everything in his life but Sam. Now he’s lost everything in death. The life of a hunter is so difficult, but now the Winchester boy has to look out for himself and his brother…they can’t live a life. They can’t die. They can’t continue on like this. Is there a solution???

A blue halo lights the inner green of hazel eyes staring down into Sam’s soul, searching for an answer. Dean blinks, looks away from his younger brother and coughs to hide his interest.

“Drink up, Sammy, we’ve got a long way to go.” Dean tries to sound like things are all good.

His heart is lost in a battlefield. Memories assail him at every turn. His fingers rub the beer stain on the table in an attempt to distract himself. Sam Winchester gives his older brother a strange look, he knows that something is off. Things are not right in the world of the Hunters.

“Dean, you okay, dude?” Sam asks quietly, his own eyes intent. “You want to talk…about anything?”

Dean gives a half-shrug. “Nah.”


Bright, illuminating light sheds a high beam out to scatter the darkness. The Impala purrs obediently under the guiding hand of her master. Dean Winchester mulls as he looks out the front windshield into the rainy night.

“Well, this is some crap scenery.” He jokes weakly just to fill the air.

Sam nods in distracted agreement. “Uh-huh.”

Dean shoots him a sideways glance to reassure himself that the younger man is alright. Sam has his penlight out and is nose-first in a book on medieval myths and legends. Sam feels the gaze, but does not look up. He does not shift his expression.

“Ouch. Don‘t strain your brain over there.”

Sam smirked at the lame attempt at humor. “Don’t worry, Dean. My brain don’t strain.”

“Regular poet.” Dean smiles softly.

Sam chuckles. “Yeah, whatever.”


The shower water runs lightly against his skin and brings a refreshing feeling to his tired body. Hunting really takes it out of a man, Dean decides as he lathers the shampoo dripping from his short blond hair.