Monday, September 1, 2008

Spirits of Freedom
By Tina c.

Wind rush, cold drought of water
A peaceful heaven here

Cloud cover, a shade in the heat
Basking on a grass seat

Berry bushes, the smell of roses
A heavy dew freezes

Winter near, Summer will finish
Icing the fish streams

Each element guarded jealously
By the Spirits set free

They patrol the world forever
Always there to serve

A fever rushes another Spirit
From this mortal Earth

Content to roam, a new guardian
For the mere-mortal men

Spirits of freedom, they come
Down on the unjust some

Who would cheat the innocent
From inherent freedom

Shallow water, toes in the sand
A Spirit’s helping hand

Unseen, hardly left unchallenged
Our Spirits of Freedom

There to protect and to preserve
The freedom we crave

In all the colors, budding flowers
See the ascended Spirits

Once men, now immortal - elemental
They protect those still alive



TLC's said...

when did you write this one? Has it been since you have been up North? or while you were here? Nice to see some of your own stuff being put up. Nice talking to you last night especially since there was no angst among us! LOL Even though I know you like that stuff! :D
Not sure if we will ma ek it the 10 & 11th or not. I may have a sleeping test on the 11th. maybe I can come after Sabbath and stay till Sunday eve or Monday afternoon. It all depends on dogs & money of course. I hope you guys got Nath's GH ticket taken care of. Let me know how it goes. I talked to Matt. the other night and he said he had not gotten what you had sent as of that time. he was anxious awaiting it!
Have a Great Day!

Ebbtide said...

As you now know, I got Nat-han's ticket this afternoon. ;). With your help. lol. All set.

See you when I get to see you. ;).

Yes, I wrote this after I moved up here...I had a great poem writing day where I got about six full poems writen. ;). All in a row. That's usually how it happens. I get a lot of writing done in a rush and then it could be weeks before I write anything else. I need to write more short stories in the inbetween times so that I don't get too rusty. lol. Glad that you liked it! :D.