Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hotel Is Where The Heart Is
By Ebbtide Cheque

Sam sat in the Winchesters small hotel room, another seedy, cheap place to cook up their latest crazy idea to hunt the yellow-eyed demon. The younger Winchester blew his breath out in a hollow protestation to his current surroundings. Dirty clothes were strewn about the room, magazines folded over chair backs, relevant newspaper clippings taped or tacked to the wall. Yep. It was a messy place, but that was not what Sam was getting angry about. Sure, Dean could try and pick up a little, instead of leaving empty pizza boxes stacked in a precarious heap in the corner by the TV, but Sam knew it was not likely to ever happen. His brother was a slob. That did not bother Sam…much…anymore.

Seven months after their fathers disappearance at Jericho had brought the brothers close again. No, what Sam found unbearable was the fact that they were IN a hotel room. Again. In yet another small, unspectacular city. The same environment he had learned to call home during a long, tumultuous childhood.

“Unbelievable.” Sam shook his head, snorting at the irony.

Just eight months ago he had been happy and absolutely certain that he would never see the inside of another hotel room…ever. A tired, sad frown turned down the edges of his lips. He would have taken Jessica away for their honey moon, but it would have been a beautiful hotel, not anything like the crappy places he and Dean were forced into. They had to hide, stay places where their identity couldn’t be easily tracked. Sam knew that, but it still irked him that all his years of hard work at college had lead him to this. Right back where he had started.

Sharing a ratty hotel room with his brother Dean.

A smirk grew across his face as he voiced a bitter thought. “Hotel is where the heart is.” He stated in dry humor.

With a shake of his head, Sam flipped open his laptop and started checking the area for suspicious obituaries. Dean would come back from his “walk” in another hour and then they would have dinner. Just another day in the life of the Winchesters.