Monday, September 8, 2008

SCARED by Tina c.

As the hour drowns on
Drawing away my soul
I sit and try to clear my
Mind, scared thoughts.

I know inside somewhere
That all of this will mean
Nothing in the tomorrow
Morning, then I see them.

A friends, friend in front
Staring at me, who is it?
I stare back and try blink
But the enigma stays in.

My sight is filled with an
Vision of strangest ideas
But I ignore their solidity
This friends, friend can I.

Faith given freely to him
Her - It - them ultimately
I decide to trust this new
Presence in my twirling.

Mind that will not stop
As I try to clear my head
Scared by the nonsense
Left of all my logically.

Thought through naivety
I sense the endless site
Of my growing obsession
With this new face - them.

Scared of what could be
Scared of what has been
Scared of all that is inside
Of me and my mind, them.

Scared of the them I don’t
Know good enough yet to
Decide if the trust was a
Good idea. Good choices.

Will they leave me, like all
The other ones before them?
I reach out to be touched by
Them and their supportive.

Nature, idealism, empathy,
Sacred, righteous soulless
Kneeling gift. I see there is
An illusion inside their plea.

Scared to give in I turn away.

TdHnEe EtNhDe