Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wish For A Family
By Tina c.

There used to be a family in my life.

I used to think the past was enough.
To help me through here and now.
And problems that weigh me down.
I wish for a family to help me deal
Then maybe my heart would heal.
A father’s advice, a mother’s care
Shoulders to lean on, love to share
All I could ever ask is for a family
To take part in my life and misery
Maybe then my misery would turn
The opposite of this lonesome urn
My life in ashes, atop a mantle shelf
With no way to continue on myself.

I’d give anything for the fulfillment
As I beg, plead, pray for a moment
Just one moment of contented peace
When we can be like other families.
During that time I am part of a family.
In safety and numbers, a little eerie
To think what it would really be like.
I shrug away these thoughts, all fake
A figment of my wishful imagination.
If in them I find solace I feel concern.
I tell myself to leave these thoughts
Hidden away from my minds eyes.
Where they cannot spy on my longing.
For a family and safety and belonging.

There used to be a family in my life
In another time, before violent strife.
Threatened to break what is now gone
Never to be seen again as life goes on.

(As ashes, I float on the wind of time
And scatter through the endlessness.
To forget my troubles, dead now. )