Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Angels AND Love by Ebbtide

SUMMARY: Dastiel. Castiel interrupts Dean "getting some" from a barfly. Rated M. AU. SPOILERS SEASON FOUR!!! You've been warned. ;). :D. Enjoy!!

She had smiled at him. Sure there had been a nod here, a smirk there and maybe an inferring hand movement somewhere in between. Dean Winchester gestured towards the girl at the bar.

“I’ve got some extra circular stuff to take care of, Sammy. I’ll see you at the hotel in a few.” He stood, running a hand over his rumbled blue button up shirt. “Don’t wait up for me.”

Sam Winchester chuckled dryly. “Play hard to get, little buddy.”

“Little buddy?”

Sam stood to his feet, stretching to make himself appear to tower even further over his shorter brother. “Yep.” The dark haired man smiled.

Sam sent one last cautionary glance around the bar before he left. He did not sense anything out of the ordinary and none of his well-honed survival instincts were blaring alarms. Dean would be fine by himself for a few hours. Besides, it had been a long week and Sam really wanted to get some sleep.

Dean walked over to the bar, nudging up next to the hot woman who had been giving him eyes all night long. She smiled coyly up at him through thick, dark lashes.

“Hey.” He greeted her in a husky tone.

Her grin widened, showing off perfect teeth. “Hey.”

The noise of the bar faded into the background as Dean felt himself fill with lust for the woman looking up at him with those sparkling blue eyes. He swallowed hard, he would have to do some quick talking because the backseat of his car was more than calling his name - it was freakin’ yelling!



Sam closed the door to his hotel room a weary sigh breaking through the fog in his mind as he stumbled towards the bed. He was so very tired it took almost too much effort to kick off his shoes and unbutton his shirt. As for the rest of his clothes, he would worry about undressing in the morning. His eyes were closed before he hit the mattress.


Dean would have given the Impala’s left front tire for a hotel room. He would have asked Sam to give him a few hours, but he had known just how exhausted his younger brother had been that night. The last thing Dean wanted to do was ‘defile’ the backseat of the car with some random chick, but every man had needs.

The windows were sufficiently fogged, even though that barely mattered since he had driven them to a very secluded area off a dirt road near the bar. The woman was shrugging out of her heavy sweater top, Dean’s eyes bugged a little at the sight of a skin tight spaghetti strap underneath covering large breasts. He grinned like a kid in a candy store. He was ready to have some fun and relax.

“My name’s Dean.” He wanted to get the necessary stuff out of the way. He started to unbutton his shirt but the woman closed her hand over his.

“Let me do that…Dean.” Her voice was breathy, Dean had to force his body not react to it. “My name is Sandy.”

“S-Sandy, that’s ni-ice.” He stuttered as her hands roamed under his shirt and down his chest.

He let his eyes close, reveling in the first sexual contact since Hell. It was all he could do not to take her right there and then, but he wanted the experience to go on for as long as possible. Life seemed determined not to give him a happy ending and he would fight tooth and nail to feel at least some release from the stress of his job.


“This is stupid.” Uriel announced in irritation. “Playing watch guard while a human gets off with another human. I may be sick.”

Castiel rolled his bright blue eyes, his host breathing out visible clouds of breath into the cold night air. He watched the Impala parked a few yards away, it was beginning to sway and primal noises could be easily heard. He shifted his shoulders under the thick, brown coat. Uriel was right, this was stupid….but necessary.

“We don’t know when Lilith might attack, we just know that she will.” He said aloud.

“Huh.” Uriel muttered in discontent. “I still say we end this love making before it progresses any further. The safest place Dean Winchester can be is at the hotel. Letting him indulge in these lustful acts will only put him in further jeopardy. You know that I’m right.”

Castiel exchanged a glance with the dark brown eyes of Uriel’s host.

“Fine, but I will be the one to break this up.” Castiel’s tone left no room for argument.

He knew how insensitive Uriel’s social skills were - rusty would be the perfect term. The last thing Dean Winchester, or the angels, needed was a frightened human woman on their hands. He would just have to handle this delicately. Footsteps crunching on the damp gravel, Castiel walked over to the car, a blush rising on his cheeks as the sounds grew louder and more pronounced. He reached the Impala and lightly tapped on the window.

“God! Dean!”

He tapped harder on the window. The rocking stopped. There was a long pause, the whisper of voices and then a squeaking noise as the window was wiped clear with a sweaty palm. Dean stared out at the angel in incomprehension.

“No way.” The hunter mumbled in disbelief.


Dean felt more than a little angry, confused and frightened. Why was Castiel there of all places? Had something happened to Sam? Had the angel sensed a demon? Were they in danger? Before Dean had a chance to voice any of these questions the door opened and Castiel addressed the naked woman.

“I think you should go now.”

Sandy dressed quickly and refused the ride Dean offered, preferring to walk away with as much dignity as she could muster. Dean watched the woman fade into the darkness in the direction of the bar. He ran a hand over his face, unable to believe that his love making had just been interrupted by an angel.

“This is ridiculous.”

“You need to get back to the hotel, Dean. It isn’t safe here.” Castiel said.

Dean stared mournfully out the front windshield. “What’s the point of being brought back to life if every time I’m about to get some…… anti-cupid interrupts?” He glared up at the angel. “I got needs, you know.”

“They will have to wait.”

“Until what?” Dean’s voice grew slightly desperate. “Until the world ends because we’ve failed and then it’s too late!? Is that what it’s going to take?”

“You’re being overly dramatic.”

“And just what the hell do you call what you just did? Anti-climatic?” Dean winced and zipped up his jeans. “’Cause that’s sure the way it feels.”

Castiel frowned. “Go back to the hotel.”

“Fine.” Dean ground out. “But don’t come looking to me when YOU need help getting laid.” He paused a moment. “Angels do…do it, don’t they?”

Castiel’s expression remained neutral. “THE HOTEL.” He enunciated each word carefully.

Dean threw a harsh glare at the angel, his irritation reaching new heights, and he slammed the door closed. He started the car and put it into drive.

“Fine.” He muttered to himself. “ I’ll go to the stupid hotel with the stupid TV and watch some stupid PORN!” He yelled the last towards where the angel stood watching. With a shake of his head, Dean turned the car around and drove back to their hotel.


THE END. Lol. :P.


Mel said...

haha--hilarious, Ebbs! At the beginning, though, you meant "extracurricular", not "extra circular"... though, I can't be entirely sure that isn't a, um, *cough* proper term.

Ebbtide said...

lol. :D. You can't can you! ;). It was intentional. :D :D.

Thanks, mel, for such a great review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS* .:D.