Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Heard You Sammy
By Tina c.

I see your troubled eyes
So brooding and veiled
You think you hide it well
But I could always tell
You hurt more than others
When things get all screwed

I lay a hand on your shoulder
It’s the best I can do here
Now that I’m under scrutiny
Of an internal pre-mutiny
I want to jump ship, get out
But you need me, so I kept
Up the fight to keep you safe
Without you there’d be no life.

Not life or death this time, still
I know that you need to heal
Things have been hard on you
I know that, I can see the affect
This job has had on your heart.

You try to hide a grin, it’s sad
I groaned inside, shrugged, grimaced
I never was good at this stuff
Sharing thoughts, feelings, truth
I spot a close diner and get us a booth.

Safe ground, civilians to interrupt
I know you need more, but this is it
All I can give to you right now.
I’ll do better after this, tomorrow.
We sit and eat, you try to talk here.

I listened to what you said, shocked?
I can see it in those eyes so wide.
You wonder at my sudden interest
I know I always came across all snappy
Not wading into emotions labeled “sappy”.
But I cared all along.

….I heard you Sammy.



TLC's said...

Very Good Poem. Keep up the Good Work. ~ ME ~

Ebbtide said...

Yippie! Someone liked it! :D :D Thank's for the comment. Have a great day!