Friday, October 3, 2008

The Miracle
By Tina c.

To go back in time and change it all
The moments that lead me to today
I would give my life, my everything
To see if there was any way, any hope.

Then, miraculous, I am given the chance
To see how these events took place then
I know what I need to do and just maybe
If I were to work quickly, time could change.

The moments pass by so fast as I blink
I barely make sense of this place and time
Everything I ever wanted to make different
Is here and now and then it’s gone away again.

To go back in time and change it all
The moments that lead to where I am today
I would give my life in a heartbeat for hope
That all of this could be changed somehow.

Still, after this second chance, I look back
Nothing has changed. Like time has a script
To follow regardless of the actors on stage
Regardless of the fluid way time can move.

I blink and the miracle is over. Again I feel
Like there was no real hope at all.

To go back in time once more. Maybe just then
I could make a difference, change the scripts.

I went back, I lived through moments, I lost it all.
Now I wish I had never gone, but I needed it,
To know that there had been nothing for me to do.
It would have played out the same with or without.

My help was not needed. My miracle worthless in light
Of the fact that fate does not give up it’s grip easily.
They are dead, I am still alive, I lived through their death
Watched as they were torn apart and still I survived.

It was meant to be. . .I blink and the miracle is my curse.